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FACT: Although there is a high correlation between alcohol, or other substance abuse, and domestic violence, it is not the cause.
A Temporary Protection Order (TPO) is a court order to help protect you from someone who is abusing, threatening or harassing you. The order will require the abuser to stay away from you, your home and your work. The abuser will be prohibited from contacting you in any way. The court can also order the abuser to stay away from your children if the court feels they are at risk. 

Getting a TPO does not mean the abuser goes to jail. The TPO makes it easier for the police to arrest the abuser if they violate the TPO, even if the abuser does not hurt you again. 

The above statement is a general definition of Temporary Protection Orders, for further clarification and direction please contact a WAVI Advocate, your local Clerk of Courts or visit 
The South Dakota Unified Judicial System.
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